How To Embroider A Sweatshirt? Sewing Logs

Creativity is fun, and this fun could be achieved by using your vast imagination. Embroidery has been used to fascinating clothes, decorative stuff, and much more for years. You can embroider any stuff, whether your favorite handkerchief or your favorite sweatshirt, so you know how to embroider a sweatshirt.

Embroidery enhances the beauty of your favorite stuff and makes it more unique. You can embroider anything like your initial, emotions, hobbies, any theme stuff like a bridesmaid, or positive affirmations as well. And for this reason, we bring you the complete information guide on How to Embroider A sweatshirt.

Custom embroidery on sweatshirts

If you want to run a small business with a low budget, this is a great idea for you to do so. You can buy some sweatshirts and begin doing embroidery on them. For instance, if you buy a sweatshirt for 15$, custom embroidery on it, and then sell it for 30$ to 50$. , there are so many creative ideas that can boost your small business.  Plus, custom embroidery on simple sweatshirts is now becoming a popular business

Furthermore, Embroider a simple sweatshirt and making it unique for your loved ones is amazing. The embroidered neck is now in fashion. You can embroider the neckline and make your old boring sweatshirt unique and beautiful. And you can take an ordinary sweatshirt to embroider some letters, names, and so on. Embroidering old sweatshirts is a completely remarkable experience.

Various YouTube tutorials instruct you on how to embroider your sweatshirts in quite a simple way. You can go and check them out. It would surely enable you to get a better idea. But I also give you a guideline in a very subtle way that would be helpful for you.

Embroider your sweatshirt

The following is some vital stuff for embroidery on a sweatshirt, and you must have this stuff before starting your embroidery

  • A Thread for stitching
  • A Needle for embroidery
  • A Sweatshirt that you want to embroider
  • A Tracing colorful pencil for better results
  • A Scissors for cutting thread or buckram paper
  • A buckram Paper
  • An Iron for sticking buckram paper on a sweatshirt
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The first and most important step is making a template. Think and decide what you want to embroider. If you want to make an initial or quote, you can write it on paper. And also, make sure about the size and design of the letter you want to embroider. You can make anything you want on your sweatshirt.

  • Now take a buckram fabric and transfer your letters to this fabric with a tracing color pencil instead of a marker because a color pencil is more convenient.
  • While marker is not removed easily, tracing color pencil is better.
  • Now decide the exact place where you want to embroider the stuff or words and paste it on your sweatshirt with the help of iron.
  • You have a clear idea. Just take your embroidery thread in your embroidery needle.
  • Keep in mind that embroidery thread is slightly different from stitching thread.
  • It is a little thick, and single color or colorful thread is also available.
  • You can choose according to your choice and need.
  • Start your embroidery from starting point of the first letter and stitch throughout your sweatshirt along with the paper.
  • Always take small back stitches.
  • A Backstitch means you start the stitch back to the guided length.
  • Then Start your next stitch after one stitch ahead of your last stitch and finish where the last one began.
  • Now repeat this entire stitching process throughout your tracing.
  • Keep in mind that you have to stitch exactly to your tracing paper.
  • Only in this way would you be able to get your required embroidery.
  • Stitch throughout the required tracing or letters and complete your embroidery with perfection.
  • When you finish your work, slip the needle toward the back of your sweatshirt.
  • Move the needle through your last stitch, make a loop and then run your needle through this loop and fix the entire stitches.
  • By doing this, your entire embroidery will be secured.
  • Cut the excessive thread with the help of a scissor.
  • Be careful and remove the buckram paper to make sure that your stitches are secure at the right place and your embroidered sweatshirt is ready.

Essential Tips on How to embroider a sweatshirt

  • Always use a pencil instead of a marker for your tracing purposes.
  • Use buckram paper.
  • It would keep your embroidery very easy and convenient.
  • Always have colorful threads for embroidery.
  • Always keep your entire embroidery stuff in a separate box.
  • It would be very convenient.
  • Always have some extra needles in your box.
  • Get an embroidered hoop as well.
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Aspects that you need to know about embroidery stitches

There are so many types of embroidery stitches. In the above steps, I teach you the basic stitches to achieve several designs.  However, I would like to add a few more things about various embroidery stitches that are very basic to use.


Backstitch is used for creating a solid line, So it can be used for tracing paper design techniques. For making this kind of stitch, you need to make a simple stitch, then miss the size of the first stitch for the next, then go around and attach the stitch to the first stitch by going through the previous stitch

Straight Stitch

It is the most basic stitch in embroidery. In this stitch type, you need to pass the needle through one side and then back through the other side, leaving tiny space between them. This type of stitch is not suitable to embroider a sweatshirt.

Split Stitch

This is the best stitch for creating versatile designs. It is most easy to do as well. You need to make a stitch, then pass the needle between the stitch, and your stitch is done. With this type of embroidery stitches, you can get a versatile number of designs.

Versatile Ideas For Your Embroidered Sweatshirt

There are some different places on a sweatshirt where you can embroider. For instance, you can embroider on sleeves or necklines, chest. Further, you can do embroidery on the corner of your sweatshirt. But an embroidered neckline is now in fashion.

You can get embroidery ideas from following


  • You can embroiderer
  • Your Name or your partner’s Name
  • Your favorite quote
  • Birthdate or birth month
  • Your Name’s initials
  • For Brothers, sisters
  • Love and affection
  • Mom, mommy, or momma
  • Girls power
  • Any theme you need for your parties
  • Various colorful flowers or roses
  • Star or heart shape symbols


Can you hand embroider a sweatshirt?

Put the shiny side of the freezer paper on your sweatshirt, and decide where you'd like the embroidery to go. Embroidering thread should be long enough to thread your needle. You can double the thread thickness if your thread is thinner or use one thickness when it is thicker. Tie the thread smoothly with a knot.

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Is it hard to embroider a sweatshirt?

Embroidering a design on a blank t-shirt or hoodie will allow you to do all of that and more. Embroidering a blank t-shirt or hoodie to add your personal touch isn't as complicated as it appears, especially if you follow these tips.

Do you need a stabilizer to embroider a sweatshirt?

This page has a Pin button that you can use to pin it yourself. Embroidery or sewing needle size 11 or 75/11 for sweatshirts Stabilizer Cutaway stabilizer 2.5 ounces or 75/11 for sweatshirts Stitching tips for sweatshirts: Use an extra-thick, medium-weight stabilizer for sweatshirts. Tearaway stabilizers and water-soluble stabilizers should not be used.

Can you embroider directly onto clothes?

Medium-weight fabrics that aren't very stretchy are easiest to embroider on. You won't notice that it shrinks or warps as much over time, and you will have an easier time embroidering. The best fabrics for denim are linen, linen blends, cotton canvas, and cotton canvas.

Can you heat press on sweatshirts?

The Best Way to Apply Heat to a Hoodie. Apply heat above the pockets. EasyWeed Stretch should be applied at 305°F using a heat press. If you are wearing a garment with a pillow inserted, you will need to decrease your pressure. In such cases, your heat press won't even close due to too much pressure.


There are numerous ideas you can work On. We hope that you have got the idea of how to embroider a sweatshirt. It is all about your creative imaginations. You think and pick up your embroidery box with embroidery accessories and start embroidery on your favorite sweatshirt or piece of cloth. As mentioned earlier, keep practicing the stitches, and you can create new stuff every day.