How To Fix Ripped Jeans Inner Thigh With & Without Sewing

Jeans are the most used among people, and people usually don’t know How To Fix Ripped Jeans Inner Thigh. There are multiple ways of fixing the openings in the inner thigh space of the pants. The technique you pick relies upon whether you realize how to sew and how quickly you need the work. It is possible to repair a torn part with patches or paste. Iron-on patches or fusible are additionally imaginative thoughts; however, you should sew over them for a more long-lasting arrangement. To keep the ripped part in place, you can stitch straight fasteners over it.

However, it will seem ugly if the internal part has a defect. As your thighs rub while strolling, it harms in light of that tore apart. Try not to worry because there are many ways of resolving your issue. Peruse on to realize how to fix the openings in the internal thigh space of your pants.

How To Fix Ripped Jeans Inner Thigh With Sewing Machine?

Once more, get going by removing any hanging strings. Do this as definitively as could be expected. The subsequent stage is to wind the swaying on the sewing machine, so it becomes wrapped with as much string as you need. The bobbin is one of the wellsprings of the string; the subsequent source is the spool.

The bobbin is gotten set up by pushing it to one side and squeezing it down tenderly. When the bobbin and the spool are set up on the machine, it’s presently an ideal opportunity to recover the strings from them. The string from the spool goes through each focal gets on the front side and into the opening on the needle. To string the bobbin, cut down the needle and bring it back up – the bobbin string should show up.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to seal the tear by sewing upward across the opening to tie it and close it. Does as such utilize a crisscross join? The join ought to be focused over the edge with the end goal that portion of the line goes through the texture while the other half goes outwardly to close it.

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Apply an iron-on fix:

While it’s not the longest-enduring technique for repairing pants, an iron-on fix is a minor complex. Purchase an iron-on denim fix that coordinates with your jean tone, place the fix over the opening (cement withdrawing) so the edge of the fix covers no less than a quarter-inch of jean texture. Iron the fix is utilizing light tension until it’s fortified. Assuming you need it, you can sew the edges of the fix using a crisscross line to make the maintenance more long-lasting.

Hands line a perfect tear:

Hand sewing is the least complicated way of repairing a perfect tear where no natural texture was lost. To begin with, apply texture patching tape under the harmed region utilizing heat from an iron. Then, at that point, using a string that coordinates with your torn pants, sew a cloudy fasten over the tear’s edges. Trim off any overabundance texture from the texture retouching tape within the pants.

Picking the String and Circling It:

Then, string your sewing needle with cotton strings and make a point to tie hitches at their end. Thus, try to choose cotton sewing strings that can intently coordinate with the shades of your pants.

Through the needle eye, feed the string end. Hence the circle will finish with two tail-like things, and it isn’t cared for. You need to utilize strings that can coordinate with your pants. Yet, picking strings in some other shading may make them stick out and show up more perceptible.

Here, have a look at our list of the best sewing machines for denim.

How To Fix ripped Pants Inner Thigh without Sewing?       

In case sewing isn’t your favorite, you can, in any case, save the inward thighs of your pants from getting torn separated. All you will require is a decent quality texture stick that will hold and a denim fix like the one you utilized already. Thus, here is the thing that you will do:

Setting up The Tore Region and the Fix 

Begin cutting the free pieces of strings for tidying up the space. Then, turn the torn denim back to front to quantify the right size of the fix. As referenced before, you can get the fix from an old pair of denim, or you can get one from the store. This fix must be more significant than the torn part, with the end goal that you get an adequate room around it to utilize the texture stick.

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Utilizing the Texture Paste to Fix the Denim Fix

Put the texture gently on the stick. Likewise, take care not to put any texture stick on the pieces of the fix that will stay outside your denim. At last, press this denim fix down over the opening and make it remain set up. Recall that a wide range of texture pastes evaporate at isolated spots. Thus, check the paste container to know what amount of time it will require to vaporize. Like you read beforehand about the iron-on patches, you can think about sewing over the stuck fix, yet it’s not needed. Additionally, a texture stick is a convenient solution at any rate.

Removing the additional pieces of the denim fix

Remove every one of the additional pieces of the denim scrap or fix it before turning your denim back to the front. After this, utilize your scissors to eliminate all pieces of the fix you have not sewn down. Furthermore, it will forestall the additional components of the denim fix from brushing against your internal thighs when you walk wearing those pants.

Instructions to fix tore pants internal thigh the hard way:

This is the technique that how to ripped the jeans inner thigh by hand.

Step by step instructions to fix tore pants internal thigh the hard way;


  • String
  • Apparatuses
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  1. Cut your denim fix. At least an inch more work should be done than the opening. My pants have two openings, so I have sliced a considerable fix to cover the entire debilitated region. My fix bends along the groin crease. Spot the fix inside the pants. You might have a touch of undulating from your torn pants because of the stretch in numerous pants these days; spread it out as level as could be expected. Pin set up; then again, you can hold set up with a stick, for example, a pastel stick.
  2. String your needle; tie a bunch on end. Utilizing a running fasten, line down the center of your fix. Addition back to the front of the texture and proceed. I like to stack my needle with 3-5 fastens immediately.

Proceed with your running fasten until you cover your entire fix. Finally, stick flat lines across a similar region.


  1. Why do jeans rip in the inner thigh?

The inner thighs of jeans are prone to wear out due to friction. Whatever your size, we’ve got you covered. When you walk, you are likely to rub your thighs together. Further, a healthy, regular act is touching your thighs. The female body is a fascinating, captivating, and downright beautiful thing from the thigs.

  1. Can you fix jeans, ripped thighs?
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There are many areas of jeans that are susceptible to wear and tear, such as the inner thigh/crotch area. Furthermore, modern stretch denim is susceptible to tearing over time. In addition, to covering the hole, you can strengthen the denim around it by sewing a patch of similarly toned denim into your jeans.

  1. How do I stop my pants from ripping in the middle?

Cut two sections of denim that measure around 7 by 10 inches (7.6 by 20.3 centimeters), use the fabric scissors to cut them. You need a thigh-high sock that covers the inner thigh section of your jeans. Further, you will need stretchy denim for your patches.

In addition, it is more convenient to work with this format. Also, pre-made denim patches are available at fabric and craft stores.

  1. How do I stop my pants from wearing between my thighs?

As a preventative measure, you’ll only have the option of wearing tight-fitting shorts or thigh bands under your trousers.

Your inflamed skin shouldn’t be rubbed further if you are already experiencing chafing. The skin needs to be protected from the irritant by creating a barrier.

  1. How do you fix a hole in your thigh?

Whipstitch the hole from one end to the other. Take a needle and poke it through the fabric on one side, bring it to the starting side, then over the hole. Also, you need to continue pushing it through.

Continue sewing until you have completely closed the hole. Strengthening your jeans’ fabric prevents further holes from appearing.


In the above text, first, we discussed the techniques of how to fix ripped jeans inner thigh? In context, we delivered some of the methods which are effective in such a case. We can fix it by hand or any other means of sources. After reading the article, you will get enough information, and you will be able to fix such problems.