How To Cut Pants Into Shorts? Sewing Logs

You have an old pair of jeans you presently don’t wear lying around. However, you would prefer not to toss them out, and summer is coming up. Here is the perfect trick that will let you know how to cut pants into shorts.

Why not transform them into an in-vogue pair of cutoff shorts? Changing your new jeans into shorts is a speedy and straightforward venture to loan new life to old garments. This is the nifty technical trick that you are not letting your wear stuff be spared.

In today’s article, we try some routine life hacks on cutting pants into shorts. Pants cover the entire length of our feet, while shorts are the most compatible wear for summer.

That’s why most people do not waste their wear; they act smart by converting it into short wear. However, we will tell you the exact techniques of that how to cuts pants into shorts.


Now, we are moving toward the procedure of that how to cut pants into shorts. However, first, we have to look at the condition of pants that are either worthy of being transformed into shorts or not. To check how long you need the shorts, ensure and pin your length while wearing them. As you can see, these jeans were in harsh condition. The knees are exhausted, and they’re loaded with stains. Ideal for summer shorts around the house.

What’ll You Require?                                                                                 

  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring stick in case you’ll be dealing with grown-up pants
  • Chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Pants

Follow the following steps in order to get the pants into the precise shorts.

Spread Them Outright:            

This undertaking should require around 10 to 15 minutes to finish. How about we do this. To start by arranging your side creases.

Denoting Your Length

To check your length utilize your ruler or measuring stick to gauge from the base up. Any place you stuck and stamped already ought to be the sum you need to check on the two sides.

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Then, at that point, associate the two markings with making one strong line and adding 3 extra/4? for the crease stipend.

Cutting Your Pants

Following that, cut your pants at your crease recompense line. My scissors were sufficiently able to cut two layers immediately. If your scissors aren’t hardcore, you’ll have to cut each in turn; however, ensure they’re set apart to safeguard exactness.

Finishing Your Shorts!  

All right, and the last advance is polishing off the edges. Take your sewing machine and stitch the edges twice, about 1/2 inch apart.

2nd method:

Make Shorts out of Jeans Stage

Give the jeans a shot. Perceive how the jeans fit. Give specific consideration to how they feel in the various spaces of the hips and legs. They may be agreeable in the midsection yet too free or cozy in the thighs. It will benefit you in the future if you remember this: it will make the cut more precise.

For the shorts, decide how long you need them to be. Would you say your preference is for something knee-length or short enough for summer? Choose how long or short you need the shorts to be. Plan on cutting the shorts somewhere around a half-inch longer than your ideal length to consider a stitch, except if you need to leave the edges unfinished Investigate your number one sets of shorts for reference while picking a length.

Cut the shorts somewhat more than you wanted on your first endeavor and give them a shot. The elements of the shorts will appear to be unique when worn, and they might come out looking right and prepared to fix. You can generally cut them more limited if you need to, yet you can’t add material back whenever it’s gone.

Imprint the length

Utilize a pencil or launder-able marker to check where you plan to cut the trouser legs. If any leftover imprints remain, you can clean them up later. This will help you get a cleaner finish while cutting.  Make a little dab where you need to cut the trouser legs while you’re wearing them, then, at that point, mark them the remainder of the way while the jeans are lying level so the imprints will be straight.

Pick a cutting executes                                                                                                                                        

Scissors are the conspicuous decision and permit more manual control. However, a crate shaper can give a straighter, more exact cut, and tearing will make a more rigid, troubled look: exercise ready while using any cutting gadget, particularly the container shaper. Cutting them is a piece of cake due to their incredibly sharp uncovered edges.

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Yet can address a danger to the customer if not utilized safely. Take a closer look at the leg of the pants, and ensure they are laid level on the ground to avoid wrinkles. The pants leg can be cut with scissors or the box shaper. Be sure the length you set is accurate by following the estimating marks carefully.

Whenever you’ve cut the principal leg, place the eliminated segment throughout the subsequent leg to ensure that they’re both a similar length. If you want the edges to remain smooth, use longer strokes with the scissors. In case you’re utilizing the case shaper, ensure you have a reasonable cutting surface under the jeans. If not, the cutting edge can scar surfaces when it cuts through the texture.

Tear the trouser leg

Then again, assuming you need your new shorts to have a harsher look, you can tear the trouser legs the hard way. With the scissors or box shaper, make 1 to 2 inches cut so that the leg has a small opening, then tear it the rest of the way.

Spot the trouser leg across your lap and tear toward yourself gradually to keep the tear even; on the off chance that you mess up, it very well may be hard to rescue the tear.

For an all the more even tear, you can make various more modest openings and “draw an obvious conclusion” by tearing between them. On the off chance that you do end up committing an error while tearing, make a straight cut in the lopsided part with the scissors and attempt once more.

Torn shorts with fragmented fixes will overall look better while using more unwanted materials like denim, as the string is coarse and will in everyday shred in an even more ostensibly compelling manner.

The tearing technique can likewise work with particularly old or worn jeans to oblige the rough look.

Shorts out of pants

Search for acclimations to make. Give the shorts a shot. In case they’re too since a long time ago, cut them again about a large portion of an inch at a time until they’re the favored length. To ensure perfect and level leg openings, trim away all free strings, frayed edges, and lopsided scratches with scissors.

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Measure your trim. Choose what length you’d like the trim to be and check the shorts once more. More limited fixes will deliver a neater, more uniform look, while a more drawn-out trim will make the presence of folds.


  1. Is it possible to change mid-rise jeans into shorts?

The shorts will only be mid-rise. Shorts are actually more flattering than high-rise or mid-rise jeans. Changing or converting them into shorts is the best possible solution for making them appropriate for wearing in the

  1. Do the loose jeans offer loose bottoms?

This is one thing that you need to keep in your mind. You are changing your pants into shorts, not the composition or the type of your jeans in the first place. Furthermore, you won’t enjoy the loose bottoms as you would cut them to make them shorts.

  1. Are normal scissors being used for this process?

Of course, you can use the standard pair of scissors that are available at home for this purpose. There is no need to have professional-grade scissors to cut your pants into shorts.

  1. Can I overturn my age wearing these shorts?

Wear a professional-looking dress and do not wear a t-shirt. Perhaps a polo shirt or a button-down top would look good. Additionally, you might want to steer clear of more modern styles. Furthermore, you don’t want anything too baggy, too tight, or too distressed. People of any age can wear jeans because they are such a classic item.


The given information is authentic and reliable when it comes to letting you How To Cut Pants Into Shorts. After reading this, you will be better positioned to extract how to cut your pants into shorts.  Here in the article, we have talked about different possible matters that will consequently provide you with the best tone results. Furthermore, the procedure Is pretty more uncomplicated, but you have to resume in a proper way. And with these processes, you would end up having the best alterations to your favorite pants into shorts.

Additionally, letting you enjoy the best summer season with your favorite pants in the form of shorts.