How To Design A Quilt On The Computer? Sewing Logs

Computer-based designing on the quilt and the fabric is getting popular, helping you get better designs day by day. You may know designing quilts of old days when people made designs with their hands. Modern and advanced quilters use an advanced digital way to make their work authentic in this digital world. They use several versatile software on computers to design a quilt or fabric.

Computer-based designing has been evolved to applications in your handheld devices. So quilt designers use computer-based software to test and create new versatile designs. This software allows you to import images of fabric designs available for fabric manufacturers. Using this ultimate and powerful software, the issues for how to design a quilt on the computer are solved forever. Many manufacturers use Adobe design software for their design, but many other options are also available. You can import various images and create new patterns according to your will.

Designing A Quilt On A Computer

You can use various computer applications or simply Microsoft word. You may think Microsoft word is used for writing. However, it can be used for designing your quilt nowadays. But keep a few essential things in mind, and your new versatile design is ready. You can use your imagination and creativity and prepare several techniques. And can amaze your fellows with your creativity.

Here are some steps for How To Design A Quilt On The Computer. First thing first open your MS Word go to the view button then go to the toolbar section. In the toolbar section, there will be the drawing option. Select the drawing option and then go to the document, choose a blank document and choose the basic shapes to draw option.  You can bring a basic shape to your document for ease. In Microsoft word, go to the toolbar and select the drawing option, and you can design a quilt.

Now you move your mouse, make a proper shape, and fill it with various colors. So for quilt design, go to the fill effects section, choose the background and foreground colors. You can contrast two or three colors or go for the various colors combination. But choose a decent amount of colors because colors matter a lot, and it can change your design game entirely.

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Keep in mind that it is easy to play with blocks, and you may want two blocks patches, then copy your designed square and place it anywhere you want it to be.

Then draw two more squares by copying pasting two times. In this way, you would get four same square designs for your quilt. The following is a step-by-step guide for your ease.

Step 1 

Decide the Size Of the Block for the quilt

This is the very first step. Of course, you have to choose the block size for your quilt. You can select any size of your design,  choose the main one. Next, choose the size of lines and sections of your desire and need in the quilt. You have to decide which size of blocks you want to print, either large or small.

Step 2

Scan the quilt material or fabric

The next step is scanning the quilt fabric, and you can scan the quilt fabric with the flatbed scanner. Place your quilt fabric. Keep in mind that you have to set the image size at 200 dpi because it is essential for having a crystal clear image of quilt fabric. Now you scan your quilt fabric and save the file to the computer.

Important tips for scanning the quilt material

The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind whenever you want to scan the quilt fabric

  1. Place your quilt fabric under the scanner evenly without any creases or folds.
  2. Your quilt fabric should be straight in the scanner bed
  3. Line up your quilt fabric vertical bed edges, securing that the pattern flow straight upside down
  4. The scanner image size must be 200dpi
  5. The fabric swatch must be equal to the quilt pattern piece

Step 3

Form the quilt Blocks

The third step involves developing the quilt blocks. These blocks should be straight. For this, you need to use Photoshop elements. Now start with filling in the box with the title with the first block. You have to set the width and height to put the size of the complete quilt block like 14 inches. so you would have to select the size of the picture to 72

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Now, after adjusting the size of the quilt block, you have to make sure that the grid has marks on it for the quilt block

Now select the file of the quilt block and file of quilt fabrics scanner which you scan before, choose the first fabric for the first quilt block

The picture will open in the Photoshop toolbar. Choose your rectangle marque. For that, you have to put a cursor on the image of the quilt fabric, then left-click and pull the cursor the line which is dotted to the entire quilt pattern. Now put the swatch on the first block of the virtual quilt. Repeat the quilt fabric piece in the quilt design position. If similar quilt fabric pieces repeat, choose the rectangle marque.

Now edit, copy and paste for exact fabric swatch size, save quilt first block and keep repeating it until you get the virtual quilt t block. You have to create unique designs by copying pasting the same patterns that repeat in quilt patterns. Now assemble the quilt block design. Finally, your quilt pattern is ready on the computer. You can make some changes in design if you want.

You can create numerous designs with this method, using various colors for an entirely different design.

Tips for various block designs

  1. Use your creativity and imagination
  2. Use decent colors.
  3. Think twice about the design you want to achieve.
  4. Do changes in your quilt block designing if you think it is necessary.
  5. Get an idea from various YouTube tutorials on how to design a quilt on the computer. You can get multiple YouTube videos on this topic which can help you to become a pro

Step 4

Keep the border

The final step is to remember the border so that when you design virtual quilt blocks, don’t ignore the border.

Keep in mind that you have to keep space of one forth of inches for the border on the actual quilt fabric.

Software for quilt designing

There is various software available for designing, and you have to choose one that fulfills all your desired needs.

  1. Prequilt app

 2.Eq8 by quilt company

3. Grace quilters creative design

Quilt designing is fun, and this fantastic design software makes your work relatively easy. This software provides you with some essential features that enhance your creativity and save much time.

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 Prequilt app

Prequilt is a subscription-based app so that you can design your quilt online with the help of your tablet or mobile. Further, it is subscription-based. You can cancel your subscription at any time at your convenience.

It features color pages for versatile colors and a fabric calculator for measuring the yards you require. Furthermore, a free and essential subscription is available. However, you can design one quilt for free, and the basic package gives you 5$ for a month and 50$ for a year.

 Eq8 by quilt electric company

It is the advanced quilt design software by an electric quilt company. It features 6000 plus block designs for your convenience. Further, it exports images in five different file formats. Also, it can print templates, designs, and it estimates yardage as well. It has 10 layout designs with 20 plus border design options. It is developed for the best designs and versatile block prints. And it upgrades to the next version when it is available.

And you can check out its price on the internet

Grace quilters creative designs

This is a very expensive choice, but also it is best for professionals. This software has a quilt design block design and pantograph design. So with this software, you don’t need any other software. This is enough for all your design needs.

Further, it features 200 built-in patterns, and you can trace uploaded images and form your own designed pattern. Best software so you can make up your needs and design your quilt from beginning to end.

Advantages of computer-based quilt designs

Designing the quilt is not easy, but practice can make your work entirely simple. So it is challenging but designing a quilt on the computer has its advantages, which are given below, so have a look

1. Save much time

2. Much convenient and useful

3. Easy and quick design options

4. Ability to import images and create new designs every time

5. You can mix and match various colors and get decent designs to create

6. Measured yardage exactly