How To Make Jeans Bigger With & Without Sewing?

What do you do when your find your favorite pair of jeans gets somewhat close to extinction? Would you dispose of them? If no is the answer, then here are some of the best-suited hacks. With these tricks, your query for how to make jeans bigger is resolved for a prolonged period.

The ideal pair of jeans would fit like a fantasy at every last trace of your body from midriff down. However, as practically every one of you would concur, a particularly fantastic pair is an uncommon find. Furthermore, it accommodates your midsection, and it gets somewhat tighter on the thighs.

How to Make Jeans Bigger? 

Depending on the size of the jeans you have a problem with, you will have a different way of making your pants more exceptional. You can make them more remarkable at the thighs utilizing froth rollers and wearing the wet needs. To develop your pants, by and large, you can add versatile or patch expansion with sewing.

In case sewing isn’t your strength, attempt the warm water strategy and the hairdryer procedure. Additionally, sewing the inseams and scrubbing down in your pants works for even the thin pants.

How to Make Jeans Bigger With Sewing? 

Adding a waistband expansion patch is possible, and it functions admirably if you have tall structure pants. You can choose between the stretch band and denim patches. On the off chance that the button doesn’t close, add a flexible expansion toward the end. It will not need cutting of pants, so more minor issue on your part.

Adding Extension Patches to Expand Jeans:

Augmentation fixes or boards are among the most famous techniques for making pants more fantastic. You can either add a piece to the middle of the back or to the crease’s side, and they can give another life to your old pants while being trendy and adorable.

You can pick a texture that praises the shade of your current material for a more everyday look. Notwithstanding, you can be pretty much as innovative as you need by exploring different avenues regarding various textures.

You will need an augmentation board or fixes, pins, and your pants in this undertaking.

  • Step 1: Do legitimate estimations. Start by estimating around your midsection, thighs, and hips. Plus, measure the distance between your body’s broadest region and your waistline. Ultimately, measure the pants’ abdomen, and ensure it is secured.
  • Step 2: You can make your own fix/board or have a planned one.
  • Step 3: Cut the pants cautiously to the length of your fix or board. Throw all around. Then, at that point, fasten from one side to another along with the texture’s internal crease wherein the cut closures. Doing as such will keep the join from unwinding.
  • Step 4: Pin the fix or board on your pants. To try not to get skewered by the minor sharps, pin with the right sides confronting at the same time.
  • Step 5: You will then join the stitched denim to the fix with an overcasting foot. Make sure to keep half an inch of crease allowance on the stitched denim. After that, sew denim to the repair using an overcasting foot if you don’t have a serger machine at home. Utilize a standard straight line, all things considered if your machine isn’t able to do line.
  • Step 6: Iron the crease. Throw the texture right side out. From that point onward, sew a straight fasten beginning down to the sides of the two patches. Concerning the top overlap, the hand joins it so the fix will lay equally in the pants.
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Adding Extension at the Center Back of Your Jeans

  • Step 1: If your pants have a middle back waistband, remove them utilizing a crease ripper.
  • Step 2: Use a sharp scissor to cut directly down to the yolk from the middle of the back. When trimming down, how much room should you allow for the hips in case you need it?
  • Step 3: Once more, pick a tough texture in indistinguishable shading or buy a minor fix. Half-overlap and cut twice as long.
  • Step 4: Grab your sewing pins and begin sticking the texture in the legitimate spot.
  • Step 5: Create a crisscross joint close by the boundaries of your pants. Is it possible to set the machine to do loosening lines and thickening fastens? You will require it to make a high-thickness join.
  • Step 6: Trim down additional texture inside. Be attentive so as not to cut into the spot you just stitched. It would be best if you left essentially 0.64 centimeter or 0.25 inches texture close by the line.

Significant Points to Note 

Before doing any sewing, anything with denim, it’s recommended to wash it first, and it will relax the texture and make it much simpler to oversee it all through the cycle.

When estimating your midsection, partition the aggregate sum in two fundamentally because you will add the piece of texture to the pants’ side creases. Expecting you need an additional two crawls to your belt, and you should add two bits of one-inch material for the two creases.

How to Make Jeans Bigger Without Sewing? 

You are, in a real sense pausing your breathing while at the same time putting on your pants, yet sewing isn’t your strength. Try not to stress as you can make your pants more extraordinary without going close to the sewing machine.

  • Step 1:Spray Lukewarm Water and Pull the Fabric. This is the least demanding strategy you will discover to tolerably extend your pants.
  • Step 2:put your jeans on the table or on the floor. After this, get tepid water in a shower container and splash it all around your pants.
  • Step 3:Stand on one leg of your pants. Presently, twist down and utilize your hands to stretch and pull the pants while they stay wet.
  • Step 4: Stand on the other leg of the pants and rehash the cycle. Additionally, recollect that you can pull the texture toward any path you need.
  • Step 5:Keep adding tepid water to the pants at whatever point it feels dry while pulling the texture. However, it will feel like a bit of arm exercise, and your pants will be adequately extended.
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How to Make Jeans Bigger In the Thighs? 

You have a magnificent pair of pants that is somewhat close around the leggings. Do not worry because there are easy and simple methods to resolve this issue.

Stretch the thigh area

Roll foam rollers on your thighs to stretch them. No, you won’t need to take your number one pants through a froth moving timetable, and it is a ton cleverer than that. Additionally, if no froth rollers are lying around, attempt similar advances utilizing a paper towel roll.

  • Stage 1:Lay down the pants on a table to begin extending the thighs of the jeans.
  • Stage 2:After this, utilize a splash bottle of water to wet the jeans at room temperature. Wet the pants from the knee to the base piece of the pocket on the two sides.
  • Stage 3:Put your froth roller or tissue roll into the jeans leg for something like ten to fifteen minutes. Presently, proceed with similar strides on the other leg. The measure of stretch you will accomplish will rely upon the froth roller’s width.


  1. Is it possible to make a pair of jeans bigger?

You probably should not stretch your jeans, but it all depends on how they fit before stretching. The denim can be stretched a bit, and the size may be increased up to an inch and a half, 2.5 cm. And the overall design and shape of the jeans will not change.

  1. How do you make jeans that don’t fit you bigger?

A pair of jeans that has shrunk is the easiest thing you can do to stretch them out. Layout the jeans on the floor and spray them with lukewarm water. Further, put the jeans on both legs, bend down, and stretch them manually with your hands while the jeans are wet.

  1. How do I make my jeans bigger on my thighs?
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For celebrity stylists, laying out jeans flat on a table beforehand is recommended for stretching jeans in the thighs. Now you can spray your pair of jeans from the bottom of the pocket all the way up to the knee, make sure they’re perfectly wet. And then, pour a spray bottle of water on the leg, and apply a foam roller for about 10 minutes.

  1. How tight should new jeans be?

You should be able to wear your belt without having to adjust your waistband, and it shouldn’t feel constricting, but it shouldn’t be too loose. Further, the waistband of raw denim can only hold maybe two fingers, and depending on the style, that number may increase to four.

  1. Do waistband stretchers work?

If the jeans have a problem at the waist, it is recommended that the waistband stretcher be put. And while the jeans are still wet. After that, the fabric will be stretched to the point where it dries out, resulting in half or a size larger.


Regarding the above text, we gathered the most effective and relevant information on how we would make our jeans bigger, so here we discussed some of the techniques that might be practical to your desired result.