How to Sew a Double-Sided Blanket? Sewinglogs

A double-sided blanket differs from a regular blanket, and of course, sewing a double-sided blanket will require more steps when compared to sewing a regular blanket. With a double-sided blanket, you can get creative as much as you want, as you can reverse the blanket and offer a unique design on each side. Also, the blanket will provide more comfort and warmth when you use it.

Stitching and sewing a double-sided blanket is something that anyone can do, even beginners. However, you will need to improve your skills and techniques from time to time to improve the sewing and stitching quality. The more you practice, the better your result will be. In this guide, you will learn how to sew a double-sided blanket.

Benefits of Using a Double-Sided Blanket

Why use a double-sided blanket? The reason is that when compared to a regular blanket, the double-sided one will give you even more benefits. Of course, any blanket will comfort and warm you, and you can use it during cold weather. It will also keep you warm during your sleep. However, a double-sided blanket can offer much more than that. Here are some benefits of a double-sided blanket:

  • It has more durability, so you don’t need to worry about ripping it apart in some ways, as the stitching and sewing make it more durable.
  • You can reverse the blanket, so you will have two unique designs, and you have the choice of which side you want to use.
  • It’s also a good mattress topper if you don’t want to use it as a blanket, as it is thick enough for you to sleep on it.
  • A double-sided fleece blanket is easy to wash and dry using the washing machine, and it’s easy to clean.
  • It’s a perfect item for you to use as a gift, as it offers various designs and decorations that make any bed much more beautiful to look at.

Challenges in Sewing a Double-Sided Blanket

Just like any other sewing activity, sewing a double-sided blanket has its own challenges you need to overcome. To come up with the best sewing results, you need to know how to sew the blanket and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. There are plenty of combinations for you to create a double-sided blanket. It allows for your creativity in choosing how you would like to make your blanket. Here are the challenges in sewing a double-sided blanket:

  • Choosing the fabric to use. There are various fabrics you can use to make a double-sided blanket, such as fleece, wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, and so on. Each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s often difficult to pick between the various potential fabrics you can use.
  • Creating your design. With a reversible blanket, you can get creative in choosing the design you want to apply for your blanket. However, it might also be difficult for you to choose which design to use on each side.
  • Sewing and stitching. You can create the double-sided blanket by hand or with a sewing machine. Of course, it would be better to use a sewing machine to do the work. However, the sewing and stitching process itself can give you some challenges, as you need to do it in a large fabric area.
  • Durability. Each fabric has its own durability level, and remember, the quality of your sewing and stitching will also determine the durability of the blanket. Your blanket might get damaged or ripped if the sewing and stitching is loose, or if you don’t do it in proper ways.
  • Quilting mode. You need to choose the right quilting mode in your sewing machine to create the best double-sided blanket you can get. As there are various quilting modes available, it can be a challenge for you to pick which one is suitable for you to make a double-sided blanket.
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Sewing a Double-Sided Blanket – A Step-by-Step Guide

Sewing a double-sided blanket will require precision to ensure that each layer of the blanket will match with each other and no layer is bigger than the other. The blanket will have different sizes, which are often based on the size of the bed. But before that, it’s important for you to prepare the fabric or material you will use to make the blanket. Remember, there are many choices of fabric you can have to create the blanket. For the sake of this guide, let’s go with the fleece fabric as an example.

Fleece fabric is one of the most common fabrics used to create blankets and jackets because it has a natural warm quality when you wear it. Like a blanket, it’s perfect to comfort and warm you during the cold weather and also during winter. It’s also easy to maintain, as you will not need to wait for a long time to wash and dry this fabric. Here’s the step-by-step guide to sewing a double-sided blanket:

  • Cut the fleece fabric according to the size you want to make. There are various sizes of double-sided blankets you can make, depending on the bed you want to use it on. The normal size, the queen-size, or the king-size would be the common options you can choose for your blanket. The first step you can do is to cut the fleece fabric according to the size you choose and be sure to do it with precision. You need to make two cuts for both blanket sides.
  • Match the first fabric with another fabric as the second layer. Again, be sure to cut the fabric in the size you choose. Make two layers for each side, and you need to ensure that the layer matches with each other. You will combine the layers of the blanket together later. You can get creative here, and also, you might choose different colors for each layer of your double-sided blanket.
  • Combine the layers and sew them together. Next, you need to combine the layers by putting them on top of each other and then sewing them together on their sides. You need to face the right sides together, as you will turn the blanket inside out later. It is best for you to start with the backstitch. Then, you can sew the sides and be sure to create the seam allowance of about a half-inch. You can choose to make round corners for the blanket, and if so, you need to do that with careful sewing movements. Also, you need to turn your blanket inside out later, so you need to create an opening for this purpose.
  • Turn the blanket inside out. Before turning the blanket inside out, you need to cut the seam allowance you’ve created before, so your blanket will look neat later. Then, using the opening you’ve created before, you can turn your blanket inside out and polish the edges of the blanket. It’s very important to fold the seam when you create round edges for the blanket. You need to be meticulous about it.
  • Close the opening. You can close the opening you have created earlier after turning the blanket inside out and work on polishing your sewing and stitching. Sew the opening gap with careful sewing movements, as you sew it part by part. Your blanket should be almost ready by now.
  • Decorate your blanket. After closing the gap, your double-sided blanket is ready. However, you can make it even better by decorating your blanket. You can decorate it with your own design or by using the pre-made design from your sewing machine. You can even decorate your blanket with a unique design on each side. After this process, you already have a nice double-sided blanket ready to use.
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  • How can you sew a double-sided baby blanket? Sewing a double-sided baby blanket is the same as sewing a normal size blanket. The only difference is in the size, and you can choose the fabric that ensures will give the best comfort for the baby. You can also make the blanket designs suitable for babies.
  • How do you make a double-sided stitch? You will need to do it on each side one by one. Or, for the best result, you can use a sewing machine that supports the double-sided stitching operation to make it easier for you. It can help you save a lot of time and effort when using a sewing machine suitable for reversible stitching.
  • How do you make a double-sided receiving blanket? It’s the same as when you make a normal double-sided baby blanket. The thing you need to pay attention to is that you need to use a thin fabric for it. Be sure to cut it enough so it can wrap the baby’s body with no problem. It’s better to use more fabric than less.
  • How do you make a reversible blanket? You can read the step-by-step guide already explained here to make a reversible blanket. Be sure to pick the right fabric from the start and be sure to know how you will use the blanket. Also, you can get creative in choosing the design you can apply to the blanket.


You’ve learned about how to sew a double-sided blanket. Remember, sewing a double-sided blanket might take a lot of time, which is the case if the blanket size is large and if you are still learning how to sew it.

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So, work on it at your own pace. Just keep making progress every day until you finish it. Good luck!